Born in Chemnitz, Germany
Apprenticeship as stucco artisan
University of Applied Sciences Coburg – Interior Design & Product Design
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
Artist, Interior Architect & Product Designer

Rocco Kruse is an artist, interior architect and product designer living in Berlin.
He has been painting since 1995. His training as a stucco artisan allows him to bring his experience with a wide range of materials and troweling techniques into his art, creating lively 3D structures on the canvas.

His works include paintings, drawings, graphics, collages and sculptures, and stand out for their great variety of artistic expression and techniques.

His works are use a variety of styles including abstract, naïve art, figurative art, cubism, retro-art & modern pop, photography, contemporary and classical surrealism, expressionism and classical modern.

The image surfaces are composed of different materials, such as plaster, paper, glass, sand, tar or even wood. Rocco Kruse often draws inspiration from his travels and from other cultures, combining his impressions with his own painterly style on the canvas. For example, his works include themes from African art and cave painting and use painting techniques from Australian Aborigines. His works also often feature photo collages, combined with interesting motives and nested structures.

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Rocco Kruse can produce commissioned pieces for private or corporate customers on special request.
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EVENaBAG & TooDooly

In addition to painting and working as an interior architect, Rocco Kruse is CEO of Rocco Kruse GmbH, a Berlin-based start-up focused on sophisticated, functional and high-quality product design. As a designer with more than ten years of experience, Rocco places special emphasis on function and design in addition to aesthetics. As a creative entrepreneur, he is always on the lookout for new challenges.


Are you looking for a bag that not only looks good but is also full of surprises? Then EVENaBAG is definitely the right choice for you. EVENaBAG is unique because the bag can also be used as a padded camping seat with backrest, a picnic mat, a hanging toiletry bag with laptop rest and of course as a stylish messenger bag. It’s truly a chameleon on your back! Whether you use it as a travel bag, outdoor bag, camping chair, fishing chair, stadium seat, bicycle bag, diaper bag or laptop bag: EVENaBAG is great for any lifestyle.

www.evenabag.comMultifunctional laptop bag with four functions, made by Rocco Kruse


TOODOOLY is more than a fun game and will not end up collecting dust in the corner like other games. It’s also a fun way to organize your week or dividing chores between family members and friends. Be creative and have fun!

www.toodooly.comTooDooly board game and calendar, made by Rocco Kruse